• Beats by Dre iBeats
Our Verdict 
We think these Beats are stylish and classy, offering smooth, bassy richness
Flexible bass, rich, chunky delivery, good noise-isolation seal
Some may not like the looks, sound can get a bit domineering
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As we’ve quickly come to expect from Beats, the iBeats feel very well made.

How you feel about the red cord and white detail will depend on taste, but we’re still unsure of the Star Destroyer-shaped control unit, especially as it’s the only part that feels a touch flimsy.

Still, it’s in a sensible place under the chin and, as a three-button unit, lets you adjust volume as well as control playback.

The iBeats create a comfy, noise-isolating seal that gives you the peace to enjoy your tunes. And enjoy them you will, especially if you’re keen on bass.

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These reach much deeper than most in-ears, and there’s real flexibility to bass, making for a rich, chunky delivery that also benefits from impressive spaciousness.

It can get a touch domineering, which rather drowns out the bass and treble, but for smooth, bassy sounds, they’re ace.

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