Our Verdict 
It’s an ASBO waiting to happen, but there’s more to the M&K than outright attack
Vigorous bass, hard hitting, more than capable
Easily marked finish, unsubtle looks
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Here's an almost elemental subwoofer from one of the established experts – a big, square, black box with a whacking great driver occupying the front panel.

The fact that the driver says ‘SuperFast Deep Bass' ought to clear up any possible confusion. In fairness, that's exactly what the M&K serves up – it's a barrel-chested powerhouse, delivering bass with vigour and purpose.

Low frequencies are full-bodied, hard-hitting and rapid, with enjoyable tonal variation and slapped-face immediacy.

Though capable of deft modulation of sound, the Xenon is a brilliantly unsubtle looker that won't be easy to hide – and the glossy black finished is easily marked.