Our Verdict 
The IRC6 is a fine cable that will suit a wide range of systems
A clean and crisp presentation, loads of midrange detail
strong dynamics
Bass is a touch soft-edged
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The Merlin IRC6 is an easy speaker cable to like. It's well made and has the feel of a quality product. True, you can buy more discreet cables – it is rather chunky – but few that look smarter for this kind of cash.

Six thin solid-core conductorsIf you look inside the IRC6 you will see Merlin has put much work into it. This cable uses six thin solid-core conductors, each coated with resin.

This reduces the level of oxidisation and minimises skin-effect issues that can occur when the conductor makes contact with its dielectric. Too much tech talk? Fine, we'll move on.

What matters most is sound, and in this respect the IRC6 is very good. It is startlingly clear through the midrange and treble, delivering dynamics with enthusiasm.

The cable's tonal balance is well judged and detail levels are pleasing.

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Bass needs a bit more punchOur only issue with this Merlin is at bass frequencies. Make no mistake, there's plenty of authority here, but we'd like greater punch and precision in this region.

We should keep this in perspective, though. Overall, the IRC6 remains a fine choice that will work well in most systems. It's well worth a listen.