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Armstrong amp plus NAD?

Hello everyone. I'd like a bit of advice to go with an old campaigner and NAD CD player or another monitor package amp I use.

I have a  NAD C521i CD player

Armstrong AMP (1980's)

Samson rack AMP

I wondered how to get the best of this simple system - I admit that it is not a great system, I also have a pair of Tannoy mercury speakers and sub zero ones connected to the samson. At the moment I run an apple mac through the samson and sub zero's because they sound nice for Itunes. However, I'd like my NAD CD player to either connect to the Armstrong or Samson to get the best out of it and I understand this might take a IEC lead and connector. I also has a two pin connection at the back of the armstrong as a 200w AC set up. I don't know the best way to go or if it is worth tweaking the power supplies. I love the armstrong because it has an old fashioned built in tuner as well. I've had it for twenty years and it is great. However the newer Samson rack mo9unt AMP which is really for connecting sound modules to sounds good too.

Any advice would be welcome on how to get the most out of it and which combinations would work best.

Thanks in advance. All the best, Andy