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Panasonic TX-L42U5B/TX-P42X50B
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RE: Panasonic TX-L42U5B/TX-P42X50B

First post showed up as blank, sorry about that!

Looking for a new TV for my Mum's house (to replace 8 yr old Sony 32" CRT).

The LCD in the title is the one she found and liked, and I found the plasma.

Paid a quick trip to Richer Sounds yday and saw the plasma, not impressed with the picture, guy told me it was a very basic model and it showed.

They didn't stock the LCD but guess maybe a similar situation??

Was told that LED is kind of the way forward at roughly this price point, and they had a Philips 42PFL4007T for not a great deal more money, which looked like it had a much better picture, but I can't find a review of it to read-up on.

Any views on any of the above sets?  Anything else I should be looking at in the sub-£500 price range??


Any suggestions/views greatly appreciated.

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RE: Panasonic TX-L42U5B/TX-P42X50B

should add only real requirements are a good picture, and she likes the idea of USB/SD slot to look at pics etc

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RE: Panasonic TX-L42U5B/TX-P42X50B

I'm very surprised that you didn't like the plasma picture quality....you sure RS has it set up properly?

My dad was after an LED tv, but as he watches football, F1 and other fast moving programmes, I persuaded him that a plasma was the best way forward....

He has a 32" Panasonic LCD tv too, but finds the TX-P42X50 very good indeed....especially with HD channels, even though its only an 768 resolution screen.

As you will see, I have the same spec Panasonic plasma from 2008, and I think its great with freeeview HD as well as SD tv, as less upscaling is needed compared to a full HD screen.


By the way, he got his TX-P42X50 set for £320-330 (don't remember exact price), delivered and with a 5 year warranty. Must be bargain of the year!!!

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