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Marantz 6025 turntable

Hi guys,
I have a Marantz 6025 turntable with cambridge audio 340a, 540p and mordaunt short 902i speakers. My current cartidge is ortofon concorde 10. Can you advise me on a cartridge upgrade? Also I would like to know your views on my turntable, is it any good? Since its my first turntable I am impressed by the sound quality but I havent heard anything else.

Thanks a MillioN!

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Re: Marantz 6025 turntable

I would probably suggest something like an Ortofon 2M Red - a great little cart for around £65-70, or the Audio-Technica AT-120 for roughly the same... The Ortofon is a little brighter, the AT a little more neutral.

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Re: Marantz 6025 turntable

Thank you for the prompt reply, do you have any experience with my turntable? This is my first one and I havent heard anything else so I was wondering if its worthwhile spending 70 quid on the cart. I went to Richer Sounds and they told me all old Marantz turntable are very good....but mayb he was just trying to sell me a more expensive phono pre-amp.

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