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Jvc l-a11 turntable

Hi all,

my parents have been clearing out the old house and found this real nice old turntable. I've taken it apart, got the motor working and greased everything up, ordered a new belt but now I'm stuck when it comes to the stylus.

The current needle doesn't seem to be in too bad condition, it is slightly bent to the right, but just to be sure I think I'm going to replace it. its an old nagoaka m11 that probably hasn't seen any use in the last 25 years or so. I've had a look into replacing it, but it seems that the m11's have been discontinued. I don't want to spend too much on getting a new one, so was wondering if anyone could help me as to where to go from here.

- is it possible to get a new stylus that would fit into the current cartridge

- or should I just replace the cartridge, and if so what would be best suited for this type of turntable (without spending too much)

any help from here would be great. Thanks


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RE: Jvc l-a11 turntable

Don't think you can find that stylus anymore. If not, there's the MP110 which is its replacement, but, if you want something cheap and good, there's the Audio Technica AT 95E which you can pick up for less than £30.

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RE: Jvc l-a11 turntable

thanks a lot, ill probably go for that one then

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