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Cartridge advice (again). Gyger stylus?!

Hello yous,

Just wondered if anyone has any idea what the difference between the goldring 1000 and 2000 series cartridges are. I'd decided to get the 1022GX or maybe try find a nice price for the 1042 (not likely!) but then found out that they also did a 2000 series at similar prices.

So, is the 2000's the newer model of the 1000's or what? because it's looking like a toss-up between the 1022gx or the 2300 as there's only £14 in it.

Also, what's a Gyger stylus when it's at home? and what on earth's the difference between a gyger 1, 2 and S stylus? I've tried looking for info but not getting much other than "hyperellyptical" and "fine line" being thrown about with gay abandon and little explanation for idiots like me.

I ask because the 2300 has a Gyger 2 and the 1022gx has a Gyger 1 "fine line" stylus.

But which is better? FIGHT!


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Re: Cartridge advice (again). Gyger stylus?!

Looks like I'll have to toss for it.

Not like that, I meant toss a coin, u and your filthy mind.

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