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Carbon Fibre Cantlever?!

I was just looking around at cartridges when I stumbled over an Audio Technica cart with a carbon fibre cantilever. Is this a usual thing? Being new to vinyl I've never heard anything other than just a metal cantilever, so I was wondering if anyone can point me to somewhere where I can get more info, it just sounds so cool!

I can see it now... "Hey baby, would you like to hear some records? I've got a carbon fibre cantilever on my cartridge, they use it because it's so stiff, just like..... wait! where are you going?! come back!"

Still any info would be nice. I better go and lie down...

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Re: Carbon Fibre Cantlever?!

Is this the one clicky. Its boron mind not carbon fibre. I think the AT3482 has a carbon cant. Just have a trawl.

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Re: Carbon Fibre Cantlever?!


is the cart a saw( don't know how to "clicky"), just noticed this is
the same cart as mine ( I think it's the same number) but I've just got
a metal cantilever and it's red and white. I am right in thinking that
a conical stylus is the most basic design? If so why didn't they
upgrade the stylus along with the cantilever? It just seems a waste of
time to me.

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Re: Carbon Fibre Cantlever?!

My AT-91 (the cheapest of the cheap) also has a carbon cantilever.

I don't think it's an "upgrade" as such - probably a way to get near the performance of a metal cantilever but keeping the price competitive.

Have to say, for £18, it seems to work!

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