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Audio T, Portsmouth

I would like to say how helpfull Joe Reed and the staff at this branch are!

i got back into home cinema last year after a very serious road traffic accident, all of my kit needed updating and with the help of Joe and co, it's now all installed and up and running!

i was in a wheel chair the 1st couple of times i visited the store and the team were more than helpfull in moving things around so i could get to the dem room etc!

once i had decided on the av kit,and after a good demo of it all the sale was made at a great january sale price! Joe then arrived at my home with it all to install it which took him several hours and a bit of hovering as well!

I've had it up and running now for a good few weeks and it continues to impress me, it's great going over old films and seeing and hearing the difference!

so if your local to the shop pop in and see them they are in my eyes a cut above the rest!

Well done Joe and co, keep up the great work!Yes

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RE: Re: Audio T, Portsmouth


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Re: Audio T, Portsmouth

Yeah, some nice guys in there....

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Re: Audio T, Portsmouth

Thats the shop I got all my gear from, only 1 mile away.  Very patient, very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Got a cracking discount in the Jan sale

A big thank you to Nick and the gang for the constant (whilst setting up) phone support  Big Smile

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