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Minx Xi - fast forward / pause of Podcasts

I had a demo of a Cambridge Audio Minx Xi vs. other similar priced network streams / media players at Richer Sounds and was really impressed with the ease of use. One thing I really liked was that I could fast forward through a Podcast (or go backwards) - useful because these auto recordings often have a couple of minutes of the news at the beginning which would want to scan through. So all seemed excellent (in this and other ways) so I got them to post me one. It arrived and now on the unit at home I cannot fast forward through either Podcasts, on demand or iPlayer programmes and

(i) I cannot remember what I did in the shop
(ii) The manual has nothing on this within it
(iii) The Cambridge Audio Support people said - the unit doesn't offer this fwd / reverse feature to their knowledge.

but but but, I saw it and did it on one unit in the shop? Can anyone enlighten me please?

Second point - the pause function on Podcasts doesn't pause - it stops the playback and when you press play it starts again from the start of the program. Can anyone advise on this as well?