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Dragonfly Red + smartphone vs dedicated high-res player

Hi all

I've been using my Dragonfly Red DAC with my Android smartphone for a few months now, with decent enough sonic results. However, I'm becoming increasingly irritated by the impracticality of using it on-the-move. For a start, the connection between micro-USB port of my phone and the OTG cable is a bit flaky - knock it and the DAC gets disconnected. I've ended up rubberbanding the DAC to my phone, which definitely helps with portability but the whole arrangement is a little ungainly and a rubber band obscuring part of the phone's screen is not exactly practical! Also, the DAC does drain the phone's battery rather quicker than is comfortable. It's getting near Christmas and I'm thinking of asking Santa for a portable high-res player. The question is, how much do I have to spend to get better sonics from one than I do from my Dragonfly+phone? Would a Cowon Plenue D or an A&K Jr do the trick, or would I need to spend more?