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RE: Your first proper hifi..

My first hifi was in 1994 and consisted of:

A £120 Yamaha tape deck (that had a 5 star review in WHF magazine).

A cheap CD player with adjustable pitch control for DJing with.

A expensive Kenwood graphic equalizer.

An old JVC amplifier that was repaired using two 30watt MOSFET amplifiers from RS Components.

Some Mission 760iSE speakers (again bought after reading a 5 star review in WHF). They're fantastic little speakers and I wish I had them.

A Longmill 8' car subwoofer with matching Longmill 150watt car amplifier.

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RE: Your first proper hifi..

My first system was a Technics SU-X  range - I think the amp was an SU-X502!


First Hi-Fi I ever heard and went on strong for 15 years until the amp gave up. The rest of the system got sold, I wish however I'd kept the speakers!

The CD player I remember was digitial / optical Only so at the time I had a spare Vintage Hitachi Amp which didnt have Digital so I sold the CD player and got a Technics SL-P990. From there the Tape Deck got sold and I acquired a Pioneer Tape which was a CTW-506DR (havent seen one of these for ages) which got sold when I moved into a smaller house along with the SL-P990, this is when I acquired the samsung 100 Watts speakers (no idea of model I only know they are samsung by whats written on the rear of the cones).

I then moved into this house which is biiger, got a NAD amp from a cash converter type shop for £30 and now I'm building that system.

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RE: Your first proper hifi..

My first seperates system, which wasn't terribly hifi;

Garrard SP25 lll

Glixor 30 Amp, no no-one else has ever heard of it

Brahms Medway speakers

Supplemented with BSR 8-track player


Apple lossless - Netgear Nighthawk - ATV3 - AVI ADM 40.  

AVI ADM 9T used in my wife's system

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RE: Your first proper hifi..

Sometime in the late 1970s I added a Thorens TD160 with a Hadcock Arm and a AKG cartridge to my prospective wife's Armstrong amplifier and made a fantastic system.  I don't remember the speakers.  My lady was very sceptical until she heard it and then she was totally converted.  It was hearing the clarity of the triangle in the Brahms 4th Symphony that did it!


Marantz PM8005 / SA8005 / KEF R700s / AKG K702

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RE: Your first proper hifi..


Yes I fogot the Aiwa cassette deck with TDK SAX,

Yamaha V2065. MS Mezzo 5.1 Panasonic 42. Sony BD. Garrard 86SB. WD Live TV. SkyHD.



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RE: Your first proper hifi..

I don't know if this counts  Teleton SAQ 206B 8w rms per channel Garrard SP 2025TC with ceramic cartridge and a pair of Emi 13 x 8s with twin tweeters in home made cabnets which I bought s/h I thought this sounded pretty good I was sixteen and had just started work, 1st upgrade was a Trio ka2002a amp Garrard SP 25 mark 4 with goldring G800 and I built my speakers a pair of Richard Allen Sardanas I think these were realy very good , next came a Garrard 301 with an sme arm can't remember which one I got it with the tt I fitted a shure M75ED,next came A Trio Ka 3300 which was a great amp it had Darlington power blocks whatever they were,I had problem with the 301 as I liked my music very loud ( reeverb) upgraded to pioneer PL12D with shure M95ED , next came a Philips CD 104 Onkyo 8057 Tannoy M20 golds I think thats got me up to about 1984/5 theres more but I think you may be getting bored by now If there is a demand for it I may do another installment . What was that oh nooooooooooooo:) Smile  


Musical Fidelity M6500i, Musical Fidelity M6 CDP, Musical Fidelity Encore Connect, ATC SCM 40s, Cord Chameleon plus XLRs, Tellurium Q Black speaker cables.

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RE: Your first proper hifi..

Bush Arena was mine bought it from grattans catolouge;  my mother went ape .. Then in 1971 it was a lot of money  more than my mum could ever find

It  had a garrard SP25  and a B@O type tune amp and two heavy bookshelf speakers . They  were rated at 4ohms. Looking back like we all can .

It  more than  an awful mistake. it was crap  really badly concived.  blew loads of pots had problems with the balance the filter switch gave up


I compare it to the equivelent of buying a CZ motorcycle new The build really crap enginering  .  Crunch the gears once you had it..  what a waste of



But one learns 


or dose one.. 

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RE: Your first proper hifi..

If memory serves, my first "proper" hi-fi was an ageing Ferrograph F307 amplifier (class A, late 1960s at a guess) which I picked up from a car boot sale for a fiver (along with a tuner that didn't work properly - the amp however did, and still does). I ran this into a pair of Sony speakers (can't remember the model) in which I'd replaced the bass/mid drivers; they'd originally been on the main system downstairs and my younger brother had cranked the volume to maximum (blowing the bass/mids). He'd also ripped the door off the cassette deck (a Sony TC-FX25). This would have been around 1988/1989, putting me at age 10-11.

As mentioned I replaced the drivers, repaired the cassette door on the Sony deck and hooked the whole lot up to the Ferrograph. I later bought a Sony Discman from a friend (bear in mind this was around 1991 when these things weren't cheap) and hooked this, along with a VCR (no NICAM then though!) into the system.

This did me for many years. In 1992 (age 14) I "persuaded" Santa to deliver a new Technics amp (SU-VX500), CD player (SL-PG320) and cassette deck (RS-BX606).  Apart from the amplifier (stolen when I was at college) I still have all of it stored away.  I did replace the speakers with a pair of Mission 760iSEs (£50 from Richer Sounds, ex-demo, grilles missing) which are now sat on my desk many years later, still doing sterling service as the sound system for my PC.

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RE: Your first proper hifi..

First home cinema system a Pioneer NSDV990:




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