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Goodmans 1104HDAB

 In the August 2007 issue, What Hi-Fi again gave this system five stars and commended it for a £19 price drop.

Has anyone seen it on sale for £60? If so, where?

 The price comparison sites (such as Pricerunner) point to Argos where the price seems to be £79.99.

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Re: Goodmans 1104HDAB

Here is the answer from WHFSV's Buying Guide Editor and High Priestess of All Audio Information, Caroline Osborn:

"Argos apparently did have this model for £60 in its last catalogue but now no longer sells it.  It is now available from Sainsburys but unfortunately the supermarket has decided that the price should be £75. The H shows that this is the latest version."

 As the Sainsbury's slogan has it, "Try something new today". Like a £15 hike back to the full retail price, presumably.

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