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New Dali Ikon Speakers and new IXOS Coaxial Digital Cable

Mumma mia I had no idea it could do that!

Well, my new speakers have arrived (Dali Ikon 6 5.1) and they are fantastic. I had no idea that I was missing so much music, detail, quality, everything in fact in using my old KEF 2005.1 eggs. They were rubbish in comparision. But for the money, I suppose that was to be expected. Still, oh my GOD! The Dalis are soooo good. I just couldn't believe it. This post is really in thanks to What Hi-Fi for giving them 5 stars and to Andrew for backing up my choice and giving me the confidence to buy them. I always new my Denon AVC-A10SE was a good amp, and I knew it was missing something but I'd forgotten how much until now.

The second change I made was to the cable from my old Pioneer DV565D to the amp. It had an optical connection and I bought an IXOS XHD608 coaxial digital cable. The player has the connections for both to be fitted at once and I re-configured the amp and tried the new cable. OH MY GOD again. There I was thinking "what is all this rubbish about cables, surely a one is a one is a one". But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO that is not so. The word crap springs to mind for the optical cable. The new connection is supplying information the amp never even knew existed when connected by optical. It was the best upgrade pound for pound I've ever made.

It makes me wonder, whether the upgrade from Pioneer to Marantz DV7001 will be as big a jump. Right now I can't afford it. So perhaps at Christmas time. Or should I wait for a Hi-Def multiformat player to come along which will do a great job with my old DVDs. I'm tempted to hang on with the Pioneer and not waste money. (Need to go to Kenya to see a friend this Nov, so can't afford both grrrr).

So there we are. Dali's Ikons are fab and IXOSs coaxial cable is a dream come true.