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Marantz DV7001 Playing DVD-AUDIO discs problem

I've had my Marantz DV7001 for a few years now but i'm getting a bit fed up with it not being able to play certain DVD-A discs! It only seems to have problems with certain discs, ie Talking Heads DVDAs, Porcupine Tree High Res 5:1 , Beatles Love , and a few others. When i choose the High Res 5:1 option the screen didplays a NO DOWN MIX message and plays the track using only the front two speakers but missing the rears and the amp is displaying STEREO instead of Dolby Digital! I'm using a Ecosse Producer Digital interconnect instead of another HDMI cable to the amp for the sound. DTS discs and normal Dolby 5:1 don't seem to pose any problems, but i'd like to listen to all available Surround mixes on my discs!. The PS3 can play them ok but i only like useing it for my Blu-Ray discs. So, any MArantz owners out there help me out?   Ta!