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RE: Rega RP40 Anniversary turntable.

Alears wrote:

mitch65 wrote:

stevebrock wrote:

mitch65 wrote:

stevebrock wrote:

GT Subplatter - the noise floor has gone? 

I was a little sceptical but pleasantly surprised


Oh no........upgradeitus again, was it expensive Steve?


$308 insure/delivered to the UK

£221 according ro my bank statement!

I really think Rega should of put a better subplatter on! Its the same one as the RP1, But I guess they work to the price point and anything else will put the price up.


Only just got away with buying an rDAC, will have to wait me thinks Wink


185 squid well spent sir!

Cheers Alears, It was a bit of an experiment really just to see how I could improve the Sonos. Out of the box it's 'beefed up' the performance so well chuffed Smile

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