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Perfect speaker placement, Small rooms dilemmas and listening position

I know many big city residents have issues with small rooms and speakers position, I want to know what is the ideal distance between left and right speakers and minimum listening distance from speakers (triangulate) .

Secondly how far should the speakers be placed from rear wall for back firing bass ports, in this regard I am also wondering many London apartments are very small so how do people manage to put floor-standing speakers or bookshelf with rear firing ports, I am also wondering why aren't many manufacturer not making closed cabinets speakers given the fact very few of which are made almost all got high ratings in WHF.

What are the pros and cons of closed cabinet vs. bass ports rear or front. I know lots of question but it will help lot of newbies on this forum. By the way question is for music listening and not home cinema[:D]

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Re: Perfect speaker placement, Small rooms dilemmas and listenin

most speakers will benefit from being at least 6 or 7 feet apart, in a small room you would probably be best served by arranging your speakers and listening position in an equal sided triangle, and toeing them in to face you. toeing in can also reduce the rear walls influence on the bass output.  i don't think there is one set distance from the rear wall for rear firing speakers, i've tried some that were happy 30cm from a wall and others that needed 55-60cm.  i would imagine that most people have their speakers in a compromised position, whether they are front or rear ported, or sealed box.

i think one area where sealed boxes score over ported is a flatter,more accurate bass response.  ported boxes usually go deeper.

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Re: Perfect speaker placement, Small rooms dilemmas and listenin

There is no one right way of either design or placement. As to closed or IB designed speakers and your posting under the EB thread, which I guess is the direction this one is going,  yes they do closed ones as do others and have done for a long time. Manufacturers use ported designs partly to increase sensitivity or the much quoted db/m. There are trade in's but they are minimised in all good designs. Watts are cheap these days so it really is not so important anymore. I used to have some IB Ruark Sabres with a 25w/ch Valve amplifier without any problems, even at fairly high volume.

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