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RE: Old CD player vs cheap New CD player

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adamwillan wrote:
Advice please... After already spending more money than I will ever admit to my girlfriend on my new amp and speakers, I would really like a CD player but have not got the money to buy the matching CD player from the same range as my amp. I have got the rotel ra12 amp and the q acoustics 2050i speakers. As I have got a built in dac in the amp the cd player only really needs to be used for transport. It will not be for continuous use as I will mainly be using the spdif output on my laptop but I do still enjoy buying and playing cds which are all currently restricted to car use. The question is would I be better off buying an old cd player such as the Rotel 965BX for around £50ish on ebay or buy a cheap new player for around £150-200 such as the MARANTZ CD5004, ONKYO C7030 or YAMAHA CDS300? Or do I wait until I can afford a more expensive player? Thanks in advance Adam

I have no idea who you contacted at Rotel, but saying that the Rotel have a weak mechanism is in my opinion false. The Rotel 965 uses the Philips cdm 4 and the 975 the cdm 9. The only thing I can think of is that the rubber elastic and the toothed wheel getting worned out after many years of use.  The mechanism itself is one of the most reliable ever made. 


I spoke to their customer services dept. approx 6 years ago when the drawer mechanism broke on my 975. They said the internals were as good as any (Rotel) model, but the weak point, according to Rotel, was the drawer mechanism.

They advised me to have a listen to the defunct 10 series or look at the newer 06, and by the time I took into account carrige charges + parts and labour, it was more cost effective for me to look at a new machine.

I wouldn't give false information from a manufacturer or belittle any product, so you either take my word for it - or you don't!


I do not say you give false information, but as I understand it now, this mechanism problem according to Rotel only goes for the cdm 9 and not for the cdm 4. 

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RE: Old CD player vs cheap New CD player


Why not get both? 

1,   CD are still very common, CDP  is a must component in audio system. Used Marantz CD 63, 80, 99 are good but not cheap. Used cd, dvd players can be acquired easily from Web, so you may get one very cheap. But get as many reviews as possible and test for working conditions.  

2. We also keep an eye on good DAC,  either buit-in (amps, pre-amp) or as single box. We can upgrade output from a cheap, cheap CD player from its digital output or  from computer files. DAC is a decoder plus a small analog amplifier. It is this small analog circuit determine the quality of sound. Ranges from US$20 (  Good reviews for AK4396 DAC that available from  http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.10.9.xtVFLm&id=15734312844 ) to  $1,000+. I think the fun is to get one and try for sometime.Not satisfy ? Sell it on Internet and find another. DAC changes anyway as new digital format system  and better converters go to the AV world. 



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RE: Old CD player vs cheap New CD player

For AK4396 board , Use built-in translator from browser to read. 

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RE: Old CD player vs cheap New CD player

MajorFubar wrote:
You're absolutely right shafesk. No magazine whose survival relies on promoting the sales of new gear is ever going to officially say this in their pages, but the real truth is, unless you need HD or streaming capabilities, it will be incredibly difficult to improve on the best mid-range->high-end CD players from the 1990s by spending the same money on something new.
Quite right my friend, it's disappointing that more forum regulars don't recommend older cd players, I myself didn't know they would sound so good till I owned one and that was just an impulse buy. But what went wrong with modern cdps? I haven't heard top of the line stuff over a grand but all budget cdps don't cut the mustard as well as the cd63. Are manufacturers so obsessed about selling the latest cdp with 9000khz upsampling upconverting bull**** that they can't even compete with their older stuff? Its sad really. 


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