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Need Help Deciding Between B&W, JBL, Yamaha speakers!

I would greatly appreciate some help deciding what speakers to pair with my NAD 2200 Amp. I have 3 im looking at. The B&W DM 603 S3, for 550 quid. The JBL Studio L 880 for 560 and a pair of Yamaha NS 777 for 560. I have not heard them yet (i know that i should, and i will) but i would just like to see if there is anything i should know about before i do listen to them. I have another question. What is the difference(or is there) between the different ways of comparing speakers' power. The B&W have a recommended Amp Power of 25-150W, the Yamahas have a recommended input power(max/nominal) of 250W/100W and the JBL a nominal/peak power of 100W/400W. Thanks alot.