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Marantz cd 6003

My CD player has started to skip, jump or stick for no apparent reason, i have tried different discs and they have been cleaned with a ReVeel wipe to make sure its not the discs, so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions before i smash it and get something else. Its only 3-4years old and is not heavily used - any suggestions would be appreciated and does anyone know if this has happened to other Marantz CD players?




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RE: Marantz cd 6003

Could be some dust on the lens, you could try one of the cds cleaning devices for cd players.

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RE: Marantz cd 6003

If a lens cleaner disc doesn't work for you, and you are happy to do it, the best way is to pop the case off and clean the lens manually (and very gently) with a cotton bud and either surgical spirit, meths or isopropyl alcohol. 


The opportunity can be used to check and de-fluff the mechanism if necessary, too.

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RE: Marantz cd 6003

thank you both for those answers - i have just ordered a cd lens cleaner and will see how that goes - if that does not work i might aswell have a bash at doing it manually. thanks again for your help - appreciated.




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RE: Marantz cd 6003

Hopefully it is just a bit of muck.  Marantz CD players are usually very reliable - one of the best out there in my experience.  Hope you can sort it because the 6003 is a cracking player.

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