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RE: Mains cables RE: Mains cables

TrevC wrote:

davidvann wrote:

hi all ,as trev c said that we should'nt trust our ears ,i would like to know how do we go about buying our hifi products,do we go into are local storesjust to look but not listen,because we cant trust our ears.some people find when buying a mains cable that they get a small improvement lets say for instance cd player but a larger one in an amp, i also agree in some system dont make an improvement,but unless you try you wont find out.as they say dont knock it until you tryed it.lol cheers david:rofl: ROFL 


Read this.


Bet you that many people here will dismiss that article as "prrft" or something to that effect and won't even bother to read it. Many that do read it will say it's b0ll0cks because their ears tell them the truth.

Some of them have to make a living selling HiFi so they will of course dismiss it as only "science" and since scientists can't answer every question about the universe, therefore it must follow (to their logic) that they don't know anything for sure, especially anything about human hearing or the transmission of electricity. Funnily enough I know where I won't be going to buy my new kit.

I thought it was spot on!


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