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Cyrus 6a / DAC - Anyone heard these amps?

I've got the itch again (about 3 weeks after writing the last one off haha) ROFL


I'm really interested in the above amp for my living room system and to go with my streaming set-up (MacBook Pro upstairs, ATV2 via AirPlay).

Currently running EPOZ powered speakers with the ATV2/music via iTunes/Airplay using an MF M1DAC

The amp doesnt necessarily need to be the 6 DAC (just been offered a daft price on one); the 6a would suffice as would the 6XP I think

Very interested in the KEF R100s, Rega RS3s, Monitor Audio RX1's or even potentially the GX50s or 100s if I can get them 2nd hand at a decent price

Has anyone heard the Cyrus 6XP or 6a amps with any of these speakers; if so any thoughts/suggestions?

My musical tastes run from Gelnn Millar/Nat King Cole/Dean Martin to Jethro Tull/Zoot Money/Bonzo Dog to Mount Kimbie/Fischerspooner/Flume/Ked Kandi to SOAD/Metallica/Iron Maiden etc... VERY eclectic! Wink

Thanks Biggrin

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RE: Cyrus 6a / DAC - Anyone heard these amps?

No thoughts/opinions?!

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RE: Cyrus 6a / DAC - Anyone heard these amps?

I think the Cyrus 6 amps work well with the KEF R100 and the RS3. In terms of balance these speakers show-off the amplifier's abilities the best, but in different  ways.  Have a listen and see what you think.

Ketan Bharadia

Technical Editor,  What Hi-Fi? 

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RE: Cyrus 6a / DAC - Anyone heard these amps?

Thanks for that


I'll certainly be going to demo; just wanted to see what peoples opinions would be!


My only concern is that the 6 DAC wont be as good as the MF M1DAC but will have to see.

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