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Pro-ject Headbox mk2

Currently have the Headbox mk2 connected to my system.

Thinking of buying the Sennheiser HD650's. Will they be overkill for the headphone amp, or do I need to upgrade t something better?


Audiolab M-Dac/M-Pwr/Sonos Connect & Cyrus 6s CD and a Pi with RuneAudio playing HD. Tannoy Rev DC6t Se's and Senn HD650's.

Sony STR-DN1040 receiver, Sony BRP 7200, Nvidia Shield Tv & Kodi and Tivo. And Bose 5.1 cubes.

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Re: Pro-ject Headbox mk2

Pete you can always buy better but the headbox MK2 will be very good starting point and will drive them well - they are great pair of headphones

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