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Arcam rBlink - review

I have been playing with the Arcam rBlink for a few weeks now. This has been my first proper play with Bluetooth audio. I was much more impressed by it than I thought I would have been. Here is a link to my full review:


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RE: Arcam rBlink - review


You did however forget the QED U-Play which does the same thing for around £65, including Apt-X support, and you don't need to buy interconnects for the U-Play either....

The only other issue I have with the rBlink is the decision to have connections at both ends. Not the neatest of solutions unless you're gonna completely hide it away.

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RE: Arcam rBlink - review

I picked up the Arcam rblink this weekend, it has a problem...

If i play tracks from my iphone or ipod, after a track or 2 it just looses connection!! very frustrating,

i have to unplug it to re-establish the connection.. anyone else having connection issues??  :wall:



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