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Advice on BT speaker: philips fidelio p9 or cambridge audio minx go?

Hi, I'm currently looking for a nice, portable, bluetooth speaker, that doesn't break the bank. I've finally paired it down to this 2:

Cambridge audio minx go, at $200 (I'm in southamerica), great reviews, outstanding battery life, product of the year 2013 at what hifi?

Philips fidelio p9, at $130, also great reviews, good battery life -but only half the mix go's-, lower price tag

It's going to be used mainly for playing flac and mp3 or online streaming music from my ativ pro convertible tablet. Still, it would be nice for it to be portable and with enough power for a small party. But I'll favor sound quality over portability or loudness.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!! Smile