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new house - aerial required

have a PURE tuner in my hi-fi (the one that uses both FM and DAB signals). I have to say that I prefer the FM output but enjoy the range of DAB stations so ideally would like to receive both kinds of signals. Now that I've moved house I don't have either and need to invest in an aerial. I'm assuming that a rooftop is the way to go but was wondering if one aerial could serve both needs. A lot of the 'experts' I've consulted seem only to know how to climb on roofs and fix things securely. They see the solution to DAB, FM and TV as three aerials on one mast. Surely that can't be necessary, can it? 

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Re: new house - aerial required

In theory, all three do need separate antennae, but you can probably get away with one for TV and one for FM/DAB. But a local installer would be able to advise you about local signal strength issues, and what you really need. I'd go for one who's a member of the Confederation of Aerial Industries - you can find your local member here.

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Re: new house - aerial required

 I'm in a poor reception area (surrounded by large trees) with poor FM reception and nil DAB until I fitted a Maplin DAB aerial on the side of the house and fed it through to my Pure FM/DAB tuner using some satellite co-ax cable. Both FM and DAB work a treat - no drop outs and I get all the DAB channels. I did originally try the aerial in the loft which improved FM but not DAB. If you do fit an external aerial it helps to point it in the direction of your local transmitter - usually it is the same as your TV transmitter so use your TV aerial direction as a guide.

Now if only I could get a better TV signal on Freeview....

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Re: new house - aerial required

Whatever you do make sure you use decent cabling, such as CT100 or Webro WF100. This applies to TV, FM and DAB.


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