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Rotel RDD-1580 opinion ?


I am about to purchase a DAC for my setup (REGA RS5 + REGA Brio R). I tried the REGA DAC and Naim DAC-V1 in a shop. I found both to be very good. I preferred the NAIM  with classical, but found the REGA better with jazz (with drums, vocal) testing with CD-s.  Considering the fact that the prices are very different my choice would be the REGA unit.

However, I am tempted to give a try to this Rotel RDD-1580 as it handles Iphone which I use a lot to listen online radio stations. The REGA DAC is able to stream from PC at 16 bit, 44kHz only. The ROTEL would handle this at higher resolution. 

Do you think ti would be a noticable difference streaming from PC ?

Any of you has tried the ROTEL ? Any opinion ?

Thank you and regards,

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RE: Rotel RDD-1580 opinion ?

If it helps, the What Hi-Fi? review can now be found online here.

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RE: Rotel RDD-1580 opinion ?

petehayman wrote:
If it helps, the What Hi-Fi? review can now be found online here.

I think it helps, but I'm not sure whether the DAC is being impressed, other people are being impressed, or what.

And so, on Feb 22nd 1966,...

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