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Buying my first Dac advice...

Hi all,

I'm wanting to buy a Dac which I can connect from my laptop (via USB), and then from the Dac to my amp (Nait 5i).

My Current source is a Naim CD5x/Flatcap2x CD player. How much would I need to spend on a Dac with the above set up to get a similar/slightly worse sound quality then the CDP?

I find I don't buy as many Cds any more so having a CD player isn't very practicial.

Thanks for your advice!



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RE: Buying my first Dac advice...

Hey Kiwi_jonno! Most of my DACs are quite a lot  more reasonably priced than Naim gear and usually paired with headphones but perhaps something like an Audiolab M-DAC would suit your needs, it has an asynchronous USB, ES9018 Sabre DAC, tons of other inputs and can be used as a pre-amp /headphone amp as well. Everyone seems to love that one, including WHF (£600).

If that's not quite serious enough perhaps something like the Leema Acoustic Elements or NAD M51, both of which support 24/192 over USB! (£1200). Here are some links...




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RE: Buying my first Dac advice...

You don't need to spend anywhere near that sort of cash to get a great dac.

I went from a £1700 Theta dac combination to a £200 Beresford Bushmaster dac, and to my( and many other expensive dac users) astonishment, was gob smacked to find the Bushmaster was superior.

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RE: Buying my first Dac advice...

A second for the Bushmaster but alas it does not meet requirements for OP for USB output

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RE: Buying my first Dac advice...

How about this - http://epiphany-acoustics.co.uk/our-products/dacs/e-dac-24bit-miniature-usb-dac/

I can recommend reading NwAvGuy's blog as well for some interesting stuff, mostly headphone amps but a lot about DAC's too. Especially if you don't like snake oil. http://nwavguy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/odac-released.html

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RE: Buying my first Dac advice...
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RE: Buying my first Dac advice...

Consider the MUSICAL DIDELITY M1 DAC as a very good option .

Hi Fi : Proac Studio 140MK2 / Mcintosh MC 152 / Mcintosh D 100 / Cambridge Audio CXC / YAMAHA BD -S677 / B&W P7 / Tellurium Q ,WireWorld,Audioquest & QED cables.

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