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Advice: which dac squeezebox duet

I currently own Oppo 93 blu-ray player, Arcam A19 amp, squeezebox duet and KEF LS550 speakers.


So Will a Dac shortlist Musical Fidelity M1/ Audiolab M-dac sound good with the above, will i hear any benefits over say the analouge outputs from the oppo 93? my squeezebox duet is used most for music streaming so will that sound better with another dac? the arcam r-dac maybe a good choice especially connecting up with the arcam amp? not able to audition any of these at the moment would be most greatful for any recommendations. Thanks

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RE: Advice: which dac squeezebox duet

I would recommend the Beresford Bushmaster - low cost - superb sound.

My guess would be that the Duet connected to external DAC will sound better than the oppo - only because I myself still use a Duet and find, as a transport, it works really well for me. And using external DACs allows you to tailor the sound to your tastes.

I would put a bit of power conditioning on the Duet - buying a cheap SBooster - but otherwise the Duet is just fine.

If you can afford the more expensive (same-ish price as budget DACs however) but little heard of Italian DAC called the Gold Note DAC-7 - go for that instead! The Gold Note DAC-7 is a very versatile device and well engineered - but often overlooked. www.audioflair.co.uk sells the Gold Note (and the Bushmaster I believe).

Have fun!



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