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What receiver and speakers

Hi there,

I am from Holland and new to the forum here. But I have occasionaly bought the magazine and like what I have read in both the magazine and website. I am no pro at all but I do like to see a good movie and be a part of it when I turn up the volume. My wife likes to listen to a few songs now and then, and then volume goes up as well. Not too long because we have neighbours  :).

At this moment I am trying to sell my old Sony STR-DA1200EB receiver and JBL SCS 200 5.1 speakers. This needs to be replaced of course and I am investigating what suits me best. So far I have made a selection of 4 receivers: 

Onkyo TX-NR616

Yamaha RX-V673

Pioneer VSX-1122-K

Sony STR-DN1030

For more then a week a was convinced that I was going to buy the Onkyo although there seem to be some firmware problems. But those topics are from a few weeks ago and it looks like the latest firmware should fix the problems. But because of this I started looking into other receivers as well and I also like the Yamaha, specs and looks.

The Pioneer and Sony are mentioned because I think those are the competitors but they are not on top of my list.

With the receiver I like to buy a good 5.1 set and I am thinking about the Jamo S 606 HCS5 5.1. That is also the price range within I need to stay.

I am really interested in your opinion.



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RE: What receiver and speakers

An hour after starting this topic I sold my old Sony receiver and speakers. So things needed to speed up  Smile

Therefore I went to a local franchise store who had some great deals this weekend and especially the Onkyo TX-NR616 was a great bargain. So I bought that one.

Now I am probably going to buy the Jamo S 608 HCS 3. The woofers have a frequency response as low as 37Hz. This is probably low enough for me when watching movies so I do not need to find space for a subwoofer.

Hopefully the combination of the Onkyo recevier with the Jamo speakers is a good one.

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RE: What receiver and speakers

I can't comment on the Jamos, but I would caution against buying purely on specs - make sure you hear them and a couple of other similarly priced kits before you purchase. I mainly use my home cinema kit without the sub at the moment (since I live in a first floor flat and don't want to annoy my neighbours too much). The B&W 685 front speakers provide plenty of bass to keep me happy.

As long as you listen to the Jamos first (preferably being driven by your new Onkyo amp) and like what you hear, then all is good!


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RE: What receiver and speakers

Thanks for your reaction.

I wasn't able to listen to the speakers in combination with the onkyo receiver but they had a decent return policy so I bought the speakers.

So far I absolutely like what I hear. Music and television sound so much better then before. This week I hope to watch a movie so I can hopefully confirm that sounds great as well.

I still need to play with all the settings to see what settings suits me best. But as mentioned, I am really, really satified with the receiver, jamos and them working together.

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RE: What receiver and speakers

Hi Ewoud,

I currently have a similar setup. Using the Integra 40.3 (Basically an Onkyo) with a Jamo 360 sub, Jamo S608 HCS 3 and Jamo S602 Front Hight.


I think you will be very happy with your setup. The Jamo's are good value for money.

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RE: What receiver and speakers

Nice to see someone else has a similar setup and likes it as well  :grin:

I still need to play a little bit more with the settings but I have also watched a movie and that sounded also great.

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