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Pioneer VSX-LX55 or Pioneer VSX-2021

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question but is the VSX-LX55 exactly the same as the VSX-2021 but a) without a wireless adaptor and b) cosmetically.

Are all the internal components therefore exactly the same and if I do not need a wireless adaptor and am not bothered about the cosmetics should I go for the VSX-2021? Is ther any difference in sound performance?

Also I need to pair it with a style speaker package so will the Q7000 sound OK with it based on the review or should I look for something else. I will always go and demo it first but any suggestions welcome.



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RE: Pioneer VSX-LX55 or Pioneer VSX-2021

The 2021 is the LX55, no difference in sound quality. We tend to match the Pioneer with Dali and the Fazon with the new Sub 3 would be a good pairing. It won the award so you should be able to find the review on here.

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RE: Pioneer VSX-LX55 or Pioneer VSX-2021

with the lx 55 getting a great review, we can apply it to the 2021 then? If so is the 2021 a match for the onkyo 809? or would the 809 rate better. Reason I ask is that I am interested in upgrading and love the look of the pioneer but compared to the onkyo. Any feedback/opinion would be great. Thanks

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