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Pioneer VSX LX55 - inconsistent HDMI output

To all experts who are nice enough to help,


I am pretty new to the AVR stuff so please if anyone could tell me what's wrong.  My Pioneer VSX LX55 has a computer and PS3 as input, and BenQ and LG smart TV as outputs.  Once in a while after I set up, there would be a problem which there is no output, as in from the TV / projector it says "no signal detected".  I dunno how to fix it unless to do a factory reset, which works but it's pain in the ass.  So far in the past year I had to reset ~5 times already.

I read somewhere online and from manual to turn OFF "video conversion", not tried yet but is that the problem?


Please, anyone!  I'd be truly appreciated!



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RE: Pioneer VSX LX55 - inconsistent HDMI output

One thing you might double-check is the red light in the bottom right hand corner of the display of the receiver which indicates that it's receiving the signal from the HDMI component.  If this isn't lit up, then it's your inputs rather than your outputs that are causing an issue.

My experience with laptops and projectors (albeit without the receiver in the equation) is that the laptop needs to be booted up last so it can recognise the projector in the start-up process.

Having said that, I tend to fire up the source first (I don't use a computer as a source) so the receiver recognises the HDMI input when it fires up.

So you could play about with firing each component up in different orders to ensure that each recognises the other.

And yes, you can turn off video conversion.  I do this because my sources (bluray and Virgin PVR) already do a conversion where applicable from SD to HD.  I think that the pass-through option is best to my eye ("double-conversion" seems to make the picture worse), but allowing the receiver to convert shouldn't stop a picture from displaying completely.


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RE: Pioneer VSX LX55 - inconsistent HDMI output

I occasionally have the same thing happen with my Mac mini, and my initial reaction was that there was a problem with the amp, but it's actually the computer. I reset it the mac whenever it happens and then it works fine.

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