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CA Azur 551R AV Receiver + CA Minx S215 Speakers

Hi there,

I was looking into getting the Minx 5.1 speakers and noticed that crutchfield here in the US is having a $400 off special if purchased with the Azur 551R receiver. I had not paid much attention to this receiver previously because I felt it was incredibly expensive, but at $400 off (making it $800 instead of $1200) I became a bit more interested.

Would this make a great pairing for a small and modest but high quality home theater setup? Or is that 551R kind of overkill?

I was originally looking at either the Marantz NR1402/1602 receivers to go with the Minx speakers.


BTW, this is my first home theaterequipment purchase. I am looking for compact in size, don't need every bell/whistle out there, high quality, good music capabilities.



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RE: CA Azur 551R AV Receiver + CA Minx S215 Speakers

And a follow up question if anyone has an opinion...


I've read about the advanced cooling system in the Azur 551r. I wouldn't normally care too much about a thing, but I will in fact be placing this (or whichever receiver I purchase) in an enclosed cabinet. Not ideal, I know, but this is where it will go. Would investing in a receiver like this that has taken cooling into consideration probably be advantageous for my scenario?


Thanks again.

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