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The headphone jack is a

uknowsit wrote:

Hi, I've been searching for a way to connect my Iphone5s to my 10 year old Sherwood amp.

The airport express seems a good option, but can anyone confirm what audio output it contains? I have 1 optical and 2 coaxial ports on my amp, but only one free coaxial.

From what I have looked at, the airport express only outputs through a headphone jack - and therefore the sound passed to the amp is not digital. Can anyone provide further info?

The headphone jack is a combination jack: both analogue-out using the APX's DACS, and an optical out. The Apple website shows it here. You'd need something like this to plug it to a TOSSlink socket on your amp.

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Air play is quite

Air play is quite questionable IMO.  I have an Iphone 5S , Apple TV and a Pioneer LX87 which has spotify connect on board & airplay.  If I stream spotify via spotify connect on the Pioneer and use the iphone as a controller the sound is quite full.  If I use the iphone and stream spotify via AirPlay to the amplifier (or via Apple TV) then the sound is very thin.

The EQ is not on in the spotify app.  It is quite strange.

If I was you I'd buy online an Airport Express and a physical dock which goes into the lightning port (like Pure or Arcam) and see which one sounds best.  You could then send the others back to the shop if your not satisfied.


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