All the Prime Day gaming headset deals suck - except this one

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Amazon Prime Day is here, and so are many, many deals live right now. 

You'll have your pick of any number of earbuds, headphones, or speakers, but gaming headset Prime Day deals are harder to come by, especially good deals on good headsets. Luckily, not all the gaming headset deals out there are terrible, because you can get a Razer Kaira Pro for just $85 with this Prime Day deal.

Razer's Kaira Pro punches above its weight at its retail price of $150, competing often favorably with even more expensive headsets like Logitech's popular $200 G Pro X Wireless headset, and at $85, it's a slam dunk purchase for any gamers out there that need a wireless headset for cheap.

Razer Kaira Pro: $150 $85 at Amazon

Razer Kaira Pro: $150 $85 at Amazon
The Kaira Pro is the company's mid-range headset, but it offers up much of the punchy, dynamic sound quality of the more expensive Razer Barracuda Pro with many similar quality-of-life features that's a good value at $150 and a great buy at $85.

Gaming headsets get a bad rep in the audiophile world because they're often cheap products that overemphasize the bass or the mids while managing to sound, on average, worse than a similarly-priced pair of headphones. Not all gaming headsets are a scam, though, and many can offer up solid audio quality for the price, if you know where to look and what brands to follow.

Razer's been making headsets for a while now, and though the company's naming scheme is confusing and makes it hard to know which of their headsets is actually the right one for you, the Kaira Pro is a solid all-around performer as a wireless gaming headset, especially so at the low price of $85.

The Kaira Pro has got Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting to your mobile devices as well as wireless connectivity to console, and it's got TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers, a detachable cardioid mic, and breathable memory foam earpads. While not the most comfortable headset I've ever used, the Kaira Pro will sit comfortably on most ears, even for long and intense gaming sessions.

Whether you're using Dolby Atmos on Xbox or 3D Audio on PS5, the Kaira Pro handles spatial audio well, and its soundstage is impressively wide, particularly at $85. You'll have no trouble placing sounds by direction when gaming with the Kaira Pro, whether you're just casually playing a narrative game or you're competing in a high-octane first-person shooter environment.

Of course, more expensive headsets (and more expensive headphones) will pave the way for much improved audio quality, but at $85, there really isn't a gaming headset out there that can compete with the features and sound quality on offer with the Kaira Pro. If you're in the market for a gaming headset and have been disappointed by Prime Day deals, look no further than the Kaira Pro.

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