The best AirPods deals: cheapest UK AirPods prices June 2023

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Are the Apple AirPods the most popular headphones of all time? Almost certainly. They deliver great performance for the money, and that includes good sound quality, and they of course work seamlessly with your iPhone.

The good news if you're in the market for a new pair of AirPods, is there are some great deals to be found across Apple’s entire earbuds and headphones range. And What Hi-Fi? is here to help you choose the right pair for your needs, and get the lowest possible price.

Top of Apple’s AirPods range in summer 2023 are the AirPods Max over-ear, wireless noise-cancelling headphones, followed by the latest AirPods Pro 2 noise-cancelling wireless earbuds, and the standard AirPods 3 wireless earbuds. You can also find big discounts on the older models, such as the AirPods 2 and original AirPods Pro.

If you're a dedicated iPhone user, the AirPods are probably the best wireless earbuds for you. They connect seamlessly with your iOS device, bring Siri to life in your ears, offer excellent hands-free calls from your iPhone, and give you greater immersion with music and films thanks to spatial audio support. They also sound fantastic, especially with the five-star flagship models. 

Read on for the lowest AirPods prices and rest assured we're keeping this page updated with all the best deals whenever we see a price drop. 

Best AirPods deals

AirPods Pro 2 was £249

AirPods Pro 2 was £249 now £229 at Amazon (save £20)
Apple’s latest flagship ANC buds are our new five-star favourites. With impressive ANC, a hugely enjoyable sound that’s powerful, dynamic and subtle, along with personalised spatial audio and new Apple-centric features. There are discounts that appear occasionally, like this £20 off deal.

AirPods Pro was £249

AirPods Pro was £249 now £190 at SportsDirect (save £60)
The original Pro model ushered in ANC, spatial audio, and a new design with ear tips for a better seal and fit. We called them "exceptionally comfortable" and praised their "strong noise-cancelling and balanced, easy-going sound". You can now get them for £60 cheaper than the original price.

AirPods 3 was £179

AirPods 3 was £179 now £159 at Amazon (save £20)
Improved sound, innovative Apple-centric features, spatial audio support and Pro-inspired redesign with shorter stems, but no ANC. They are a great choice for iPhone users and right now you can save £20.

AirPods 2 was £129

AirPods 2 was £129 now £109 at John Lewis (save £20)
The classic 2nd-gen AirPods with charging case feature the original longer stems design and forego any new Apple spatial audio or ANC features. But they dropped in price following the launch of the new AirPods 3 and are now the cheapest AirPods available.

AirPods Max was £549

AirPods Max was £549 now £499 at Amazon (save £50)
Apple’s very first over-ear models were a five-star hit: superb-sounding, noise-cancelling, wireless cans with a stylish and premium design. They come with a big price tag, but right now you can save £50 on all colours at Amazon.

AirPods Pro 2

Apple's flagship AirPods Pro 2 earbuds earned the brand its first five-star review for the in-ear models. Thanks to the powerful new H2 chip, the noise-cancelling is improved two-fold, sound quality is now on par with the class leaders, and there are plenty of additional user-friendly features. 

Battery life has increased to six hours in the earbuds, with 24 extra hours with the charging case, which now has a built-in speaker to emit tones. A fourth XS ear tip is included for an even better fit, and a new "Adaptive" Transparency Mode damps down loud and sudden harsh noises to great effect. 

But it's the excellent sound quality that's king here. Weighty, detailed, open and with plenty of dynamic subtlety – these really are accomplished performers. For iOS users, they're the only wireless earbuds you'll ever need.

AirPods Pro

The 2nd-gen Pro model is better in every way, but Apple's original top ANC buds are still a great option, especially at slashed prices. 

The Pro's noise-cancelling tech with Transparency mode that actively allows sound in from the outside world works a treat, while the supplied silicone ear tips (you get three sizes) ensure a better fit than the standard AirPods. Battery life is a claimed five hours for the earphones, with another 19 hours added by the charging case. 

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking is on board and pairing with your iPhone or iPad is simply seamless. If you're an iOS user, the AirPods Pro should be on your wish list.

AirPods 3

Apple's latest AirPods advance closer to the Pro model, with a smart redesign (shorter stems) and full support for spatial audio thanks to added head tracking capabilities. Battery life is stronger than the older AirPods 2 (now 30 hours vs 24 hours) while the sound is balanced, clear and detailed.

The AirPods 3 might lack active noise-cancelling (you'll need to splash out on the AirPods Pro models, above) but they're a great all-round package with plenty to offer Apple device owners.

AirPods 2

Apple might have launched the newer AirPods 3, but the AirPods 2 remain a great everyday pair of hassle-free true wireless earbuds. They offer a good combination of performance, reliability and convenience. 

We also regularly see the price of this model drop down to under £100 - so keep your eyes peeled for a deal, especially around Prime Day and Black Friday.

AirPods Max

In 2020, Apple finally delivered its first over-ear, noise-cancelling, wireless headphones: the AirPods Max. They're large, rather heavy and expensive... and very good indeed, nabbing a five-star review and a 2021 What Hi-Fi? Award. Their exceptional build quality is as premium as the price, and they offer superb sound and noise-cancelling. 

Their authenticity, detail, crispness and spaciousness elevate their audio quality enough to be considered alongside proper hi-fi products in this class. They work best with iOS devices, naturally, with cinematic spatial audio and Siri voice control amongst the many Apple-only features.

The good news is that we're now seeing decent deals and discounts on the AirPods Max, so keep an eye on the prices below.


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