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OLED TV: Sony XR-55A80L
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The hottest technologies in the TV world right now are undoubtedly QD-OLED and MLA, both of which are designed to take OLED TVs to new, brighter levels. The only downside? It remains a fact that QD-OLED and MLA TVs are still very, very expensive.

The good news, however, is that standard OLED TVs are still capable of dazzling results, and none more so than Sony's superb new A80L model.

As stated in our five-star Sony A80L review, this is a TV that balances the spectacular and the cinematically subtle with very rare ability. Even without fancy new panel tech, it's punchy, dynamic and vibrant, and it digs up bags of detail from your favourite discs and streamed movies. It also sounds very good for a TV in its price range, with the clever Acoustic Surface Audio producing sound that literally comes from the screen.

We like the Sony A80L so much that we not only gave it the full five stars, but we also crowned it the TV Product of the Year in the recent What Hi-Fi? 2023 Awards.

While the Sony A80L is priced a little higher than rivals such as the LG C3, it's worth the extra spend, particularly if you don't plan to also buy a soundbar. You still want to make sure you get it for the lowest price possible, though, which is why we've taken the time to track down the best and biggest discounts available on it. Scroll down to get a great deal on our favourite TV of 2023.

Sony XR-55A80L (55 inch)

OLED TV: Sony XR-55A80L

(Image credit: What Hi-Fi? / Netflix, Agent Elvis)

Launch price: £2399 / $1900 

55-inch TVs are routinely the most popular, so as you'd expect, there's a ton of competition in the space, especially when it comes to premium OLED sets.

However, with the A80L, you're getting just about everything you could want, such as a 4K OLED panel, robust HDR support by way of HLG, HDR10, and Dolby Vision, Google TV smarts, four HDMI ports including two 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 ports, eARC, a 120Hz refresh rate, VRR, and ALLM

But the A80L doesn't just come with excellent specs, it can even outcompete some of our favourite OLED TVs, such as LG's C3 OLED. In our head-to-head comparison between the A80L and the C3, we said that 'if you're anything other than a very hardcore gamer, the Sony A80L is a better buy than the LG C3'.

Unless you're a gamer in desperate need of more HDMI 2.1 ports, Dolby Vision gaming, or HGiG, the A80L is overall a great TV for just about anybody.

Sony XR-65A80L (65 inch)

OLED TV: Sony XR-55A80L

(Image credit: What Hi-Fi? / Netflix, Agent Elvis)

Launch price: £2999 / $2600 

If you think size matters, 55 inches might not be enough for you, but the 65-inch A80L could be the perfect fit: big but not too big. 

You don't have to worry about differences in performance or design when it comes to the larger model: you're getting the same quality you get with the 55-inch model in a bigger size.

This means impressive HDR performance; a brilliantly solid, three-dimensional image; outstanding detail across clothing, skin, and complex patterns; and an overall dedication to balance in vibrance and contrast.

Sony XR-77A80L (77 inch)

OLED TV: Sony XR-55A80L

(Image credit: What Hi-Fi? / Netflix, Agent Elvis)

Launch price: £4499 / $3600

If you need a massive TV, smaller sizes just won't get the job done, no matter how excellent they might be. Thankfully, the A80L is also available as a 77-inch model.

As is the case with the 55-inch and 65-inch models, the 77-inch set has the same great features as its smaller siblings and, while we've not tested this specific version, we expect it to perform just as impressively, too.

We feel safe in saying that you can expect fantastic image quality, replete with the perfect blacks offered up by OLED tech, alongside some impressive gaming performance that will make next-gen games look amazing.

Sony XR-83A80L (83 inch)


(Image credit: Future)

Launch price: £5499 / $5500

If you're looking for a truly cinematic experience at home, absolutely massive is the only way to go, and that's where the 83-inch version of the A80L comes in.

We've not tested this specific version but we've interrogated the specs and see no reason that it shouldn't perform just as well as the smaller models while adding a hefty extra dose of epicness.

It should actually sound better than its smaller siblings (it's usually the case that bigger TVs sound better), but if you're going this large and premium with your TV, you should really match it with a similarly impressive home theatre system if you can.


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