Best desktop speakers


We all know computers don't sound great. Which is a shame, because we store more and more of our music digitally. Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of desktop speakers - here we've rounded up the best desktop designs money can buy, from under £200 to well over £1000.

Under £250

Steljes Audio NS3

Versatile, affordable and an affable listen, the Steljes NS3s are good desktop speakers for those on a budget.


45W x 2 power output | Bluetooth | USB charging | 7 available colours

Reasons to Buy
Sleek design
Good connectivity
Powerful bass
Rhythmically responsive
Comfortable remote
Reasons to Avoid
Could be more cohesive
Need a bit more detail

Under £500

Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2

The Mk2s boast a wonderfully musical sound, plus stellar build quality and discreet good looks. Naturally they're Award-winners.


Optical input | Bluetooth aptX | 3.5mm aux input

Reasons to Buy
Stunningly musical sound
Subtle dynamics
Stylish, compact design
Streamlined features
Reasons to Avoid
No USB input

Under £1000

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active

Get high-end performance without the need for a stack of high-end electronics.


50W amps | 30cm tall | 3x finishes

Reasons to Buy
Clear, balanced and detailed
Rhythmically exciting with fine dynamic range
Adjustable treble and bass for versatile placement
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

Under £1500

Dynaudio Excite X14a

Clear, precise and exciting active speakers that will make your desktop the envy of the office.

Reasons to Buy
Clean, controlled
Wonderfully transparent
Tight, agile bass
Insightful vocals
Compact and neatly finished
Reasons to Avoid
Need more attack