Best wireless headphones for running and the gym


Music makes most things better in our experience and if ever there's a time that you could do with a pleasant distraction, it's when you're getting a sweat on in an effort to burn a few calories.

Whether you like going to the gym, running or working out at home, we suggest a musical accompaniment. And, to avoid that irritating bouncing cable, why not opt for a wireless pair of headphones?

From true wireless buds that completely remove the wire, to in-ear wireless earphones and even wireless on-ears, these are the best on the market, complete with prices.

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True wireless under £150

Sony WF-1000X

We had to wait a while for a five-star pair of truly wireless earphones but Sony finally delivered the goods with the WF-1000X buds. The sound is excellent and you even get decent noise-cancelling to help drown out your gym's music selection.The neat carry case doubles as a charger and can be used to stretch out the battery life to nine hours. You also get the benefit of voice-controlled Google Assistant and Siri.


In-ear design | Bluetooth and noise-cancelling | Charging carry case

Reasons to Buy
Balanced, detailed sound
Good with timing and dynamics
Truly wireless
Decent noise-cancelling
Carry case doubles as a charger
Reasons to Avoid
Our sample had a slight connection issue with the right earpiece

In-ear wireless under £150

Bose SoundSport Wireless

Theses are some of the best-sounding, most reliable wireless in-ear headphones you’ll find for under £150. There is a soft neckband cable between the two buds, each of which uses an in-ear hook to keep them in place.We like the design here, complete with lightweight remote, and they're sweat-resistant and IPX4 splashproof, too. The battery life is a modest six hours but we'd imagine that'll do most people for a few work outs.


Rechargeable battery | 6 hour battery life | 2 hour charging time

Reasons to Buy
Fun sound
Strong wireless performance
Reasons to Avoid
Less-than-stellar battery life

In-ear wireless under £200

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless

Sennheiser knows a thing or two about good headphones and these in-ears are a fine wireless addition to the Momentum range. Essentially Sennheiser has added Bluetooth and removed (some of) the wires.These have a solid neckband, which are good for keeping the buds in your ears when you're moving around, and it's lightweight despite the controls being built into a section at the end of the left arm. 10 hours of battery life and a detailed, dynamic sound are the icing on the cake.


Bluetooth | 10hr battery life | Fast USB charging

Reasons to Buy
Open, lucid sound
Bags of detail
Expressive midrange
Excellent dynamics
Powerful bass
Reasons to Avoid
Neckband design won’t appeal to everyone
Bass a little overegged

On-ear wireless under £100

Lindy BNX-60

These Lindy headphones blew us away when we first heard them. We weren't sold on brand name alone but a thorough reviewing later and we were sold on their skills for such an affordable price.If you prefer on-ear cans in the gym, then these deliver good wireless sound and decent noise-cancelling, all for just £79. Of course you get what you pay for, and much more expensive headphones will deliver better all-round sound, but for this price they're hard to fault.


Bluetooth | Noise-cancelling | 15hr battery life

Reasons to Buy
Great value
Detailed, solid sound
Noise-cancelling and wireless functionality
USB charging
Reasons to Avoid
Treble a little muffled in standard mode

On-ear wireless under £200

AKG N60NC Wireless

A 2017 Award-winner, these AKGs are compact, convenient and surprisingly affordable considering what's on offer. They're a headband design, which won't work for most runners, but is increasingly popular with gym monkeys. The noise-cancelling is impressive and the AKG sound is dynamic and punchy - almost giving the wired counterparts (N60NC) a run for their money.


Noise cancellation | Compact design | aptX Bluetooth

Reasons to Buy
Great noise cancellation
Comfy build
Solid bass
Well balanced
Clear midrange and treble
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note