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Tivizen DVB tuner turns your smartphone or tablet into a TV

Tivizen DVB-T

Humax, best known for its digital TV set-top boxes and recorders, has unleashed the Tivizen DVB-T wi-fi receiver (£99.95) that plugs into your smartphone or tablet to turn it into a TV.

The unit is compatible with iOS (v4.3 onwards) and Android (v3.1 onwards) devices and transmits Freeview digital TV via wi-fi directly to your portable.

The hand-sized receiver weighs 70g and can slip into your pocket or bag.

For Apple users, simply download the free Tivizen DVB-T wi-fi app from the App Store and then pair your mobile device to the Tivizen receiver over wi-fi. Launch the app and a quick scan will bring up all the available TV channels such as BBC One, ITV1 and so on.

Android users need to download the orange-coloured Tivizen DVB-T wi-fi app from the Android Market, currently in Beta test.

Both Apple and Android apps include an on-screen programme guide, and the Tivizen receiver can be used in Austria, France, Germany, Spain and Italy as well as the UK.

You can buy the Tivizen DVB-T wi-fi receiver now from the Humax Selection website.

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