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Thonet & Vander launches Kürbis budget Bluetooth studio monitors on Amazon

Thonet & Vander launch Kürbis budget Bluetooth studio monitors on Amazon
(Image credit: Thonet & Vander)

Here's a fun fact: 'Kürbis' is German for 'pumpkin'. It's also the name German audio brand Thonet & Vander has chosen to give its latest pair of studio monitors. 

The Kürbis speakers, which are now available in Europe and the States, feature Bluetooth 4.0 and an integrated amp with 340 watts of power. The company's proprietary Hammer Bass technology promises to magnify the bass impact, while the Drone FX supposedly enhances the transparency across frequencies.

Inside, each Pumpk... – sorry, Kürbis – boasts a 13cm woofer made entirely of aramid fibre (read: Kevlar), as well as a 2.5cm silk tweeter. A Bass Reflex resonance system works to increase bass response, too.

With Bluetooth 4.0 baked in, the Kürbis studio monitors can naturally stream music directly from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

On the side of one speaker, you'll find a volume dial alongside bass and treble EQ controls. An RCA input also means the speakers can be connected to a TV, DJ Mixer or gaming system. Mesh protection is also provided to ensure drivers are guarded from any external damage.

Thonet & Vander's Kürbis BT studio monitors are available now for $179.98 (Amazon) and £179.99 (Amazon UK).

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