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Save £999 on Samsung 8K TV and 5G Galaxy Note bundle

Free Galaxy Note 10+ 5G with Samsung 8K TV purchase
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's throwing in a free Galaxy Note 10+ 5G mobile phone for anyone who buys one of their 2019 8K TVs.

The deal is on for UK and Ireland residents who pick up a Samsung Q950R flagship set in any one of the five panel sizes before 28th January 2020.

Starting at £2699 for the 55in model, Samsung's 8K QLED is also available in 65in (£3699), 75in (£5699), 82in (£8699) and 98in (£69,999) sizes, although at the very upper end, the promise of a free £999 mobile phone becomes a little less significant.

Naturally, the Samsung Q950R range comes with almost everything you could imagine a TV might in 2019. It features 8K upscaling, thanks to the Quantum 8K processor; a superb smart platform with all the main video and music streaming services; and HDR support excluding only Dolby Vision.

As for the mobile phone in question, the 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ comes with the S Pen stylus, 256GB of expandable storage and a 6.8in OLED screen. There's a three-camera array on the rear offering tonnes of superb stills and video options just in case you get bored of watching content on the 3040 x 1440px display.