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PS5 load times revealed – and they're ridiculously fast

PS5 load times revealed – and they're ridiculously fast
(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

A leaked video has revealed the PS5 load times and – spoiler alert – they're extremely fast. 

The PS5 appears to load Spider-Man: Miles Morales in just seven seconds. That's from pressing play on the PS5 home screen to the game's main menu. From there, loading your saved progress takes under two seconds. 

The anonymous video was quickly removed from YouTube but it gives us a first look at how the PS5's 825B SSD will stack up against the PS4's 500GB HDD. By comparison, loading a similar game on a PS4 would take around 43 seconds.

Sony has been touting the PS5's super-fast loading times for months now. It recently gave us a first look at the PS5 user interface and some PS5 developers have even hinted that the next-gen console could do away with loading screens altogether.

It looks like that's not quite the case but if the leaked video is correct, the PS5's smoking-fast SSD should mean less time spent watching a spinning circle and more time slinging spiderwebs.

Tempted by Sony's next-gen console? PS5 pre-orders sold out weeks ago but Sony has promised more stock will arrive in time for PS5 launch day (12th or 19th November, depending on where you live).


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