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PMC UK now offers £99 performance service for PMC, Bryston and AVM kit

PMC UK now offers £99 performance check service

If you own PMC, Bryston or AVM equipment and are keen on keeping it in pristine condition – perhaps you‘ve bought something second-hand and would like peace of mind of its true condition – you may be interested in PMC UK’s new MOT-like performance service.

The company, who is responsible for the sales and support of PMC, Bryston and AVM products in the UK, has launched a performance check service, giving owners of the three brands’ electronics the opportunity to have them checked and serviced by PMC engineers.

Once the product has been sent to PMC (directly or via a retailer), the engineers will test its parameters for frequency response, signal to noise, distortion and bias adjustment, and advise customers of any corrective work. A final listening test using PMC’s standard test programme material will be carried out before its return.

The service includes everything from an external inspection and clean to checking for component degradation and the security of fixings.

The service costs £99, which includes the return shipping of the serviced product to a UK address.  


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