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Musical Fidelity launches power amp to match M1 CLiC streamer/digital preamp

When Musical Fidelity announced its M1 CLiC 'Universal Music Controller', combining a streamer, a DAC and a preamplifier, a matching power amplifier was the obvious follow up – now, with the arrival of the £799 M1 PWR, the M1 has its perfect partner.

The new power amplifier is exactly the same size as the M1 CLiC – and indeed the other products in the fast-growing M1 series – , meaning it's just 22cm wide and 10cm tall, plus 30cm deep.

It delivers 60W per channel into an 8ohm load, virtually doubling its output into 4ohms, and claims distortion of just 0.05%, and excellent phase integrity, frequency response, signal to noise and stereo separation.

However, at the push of a button – well, the slide of a switch on the rear panel, but you get the idea – the M1 PWR can be turned into a 100W mono amplifier, capable of 200W transient peaks into 4ohms. Add a second amp, and you have an instant upgrade.

Other facilities extend to 12V trigger in/out and 'loop out' signal sockets to allow amps to be daisychained, for example to biamp speakers.

The M1 PWR is scheduled for release next month, and will join a range including the M1 CLiC, M1 CDT CD transport, M1 DAC, M1 HPA headphone amplifier and M1 VNL phono stage.

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