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More Xbox Series S and Series X stock lands in the UK

More Xbox Series S and Series X stock lands in the UK
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X and Series S have been high on many a wish list since they launched in November, but constant stock shortages mean plenty of people have missed out. But now your wait could be over, as one UK gadget website has stock of both consoles. is selling both the Xbox Series X and S on an Xbox All Access subscription. That means that instead of paying for the console upfront, you pay for it in monthly instalments, much like a mobile phone contract. Like a phone contract, it ends up costing more than ponying up one lump sum. But for many, monthly instalments will be a lot more manageable.

Xbox All Access also entitles you to over 100 Xbox games as well as an EA Play membership.

The Series S costs £20.99 a month for 24 months, while the Series X will set you back £28.99 a month for the same period. That means the Series S total cost is £503.76 (compared to buying it the usual way for £249), and the Series X will be £695.76 (compared to £449). There's nothing to pay upfront.

This is done through Klarna, which involves going through a credit assessment. Once you have credit approval, you order is automatically placed. It's the same process used by other Xbox All Access retailers such as Game and Smyths Toys.

4Gadgets has been selling mobile phones for years, and has recently expanded to include the new Xbox consoles. While some of its mobiles are refurbished, all its stock of Xbox consoles are brand new.


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