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LeBron James seen wearing what looks like unreleased Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds and LeBron James
(Image credit: LeBron James, Instagram)

The cogs of the Beats rumour mill are whirring up a storm, aren't they? Yesterday we saw leaked images of the still-unannounced Beats Studio Buds, and just over a week ago the unofficial buds showed up in Apple's iOS 14.6 beta code.

Now, Apple still has yet to acknowledge the existence of the Beats Studio Buds, but that hasn't stopped LA Lakers superstar LeBron James from posting pictures of himself seemingly wearing them, on Instagram

Beats Studio Buds, LeBron James

(Image credit: LeBron James, Instagram)

Why are we so sure we're seeing the new Beats Studio Buds? Take a closer look at the top edge. That striking squared-off ridge you can just see is a dead ringer for MacRumors contributor Steve Moser's animations of the product, below.

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LeBron's fresh buds also echo the aesthetic of the pair on the far right of the image below, another mock-up originally shared by MacRumours

Beats Studio Buds

(Image credit: MacRumours)

The Beats Studio Buds have appeared by name (and with detailed illustrations) in recent FCC filings, which is fairly conclusive proof that the product is indeed real and ready for launch – in the States, at least. 

Now, we just need the official announcement from Apple...


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