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HOT DEALS: Our picks from the sale

Latest sale to kick off is's 'biggest ever', and we've been over to the website to hunt down the best bargains in Blu-ray and DVD. And ended up putting way too many of them in our basket...

Blu-ray bargains

Mission Impossible Blu-ray boxset - £14.99

Top Gun - £6.99 More cut-price Cruise; there's also Jerry Maguire and A Few Good Men also at £6.99 (don't take it personally, Tom).

Terminator 2 - Skynet Edition - £7.99

The Bourne Ultimate Collection - £17.99 - Play joins Amazon in a great deal on the Bourne trilogy boxset (though some wait for stocks of this set everywhere, it seems).

Star Trek 1-6- the original crew movies - £49.99 (half price).

Letters of Iwo Jima/Flags of our Fathers - £15.99 - Clint Eastwood's exceptional WWII films in a back-to-back Blu-ray pack

DVD deals

Rocky - the complete saga limited edition boxset - £9.99

Alien Quadrilogy boxset (9 discs) - £9.99

Star Trek 1-6 DVD boxset - £14.99

Bad Boys/Bad Boys II boxset - £5 - a fiver for Will Smith's finest!

Rambo 1-4 Boxset - £9.99

The Lethal Weapon Collection - £8.99

Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition (13-disc tin boxset) - £17.99

There's a ton more DVD boxset deals here; plus single-disc deals from £2.99 - including Tropic Thunder; Hellboy 2 special edition; and No Country for Old Men

Any more we've missed? Let us know below, or over in our Hot Deals Forum.

We're now off to trawl the CD and electronics bargains on your behalf....

We'll be bringing you stories on the best of the sales throughout the Christmas and New Year period, so keep coming back for links to the top bargains.

We'll also be flagging up our finds via Twitter - you can follow us here.