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Crosley Momento: a budget turntable with Bluetooth benefits

Crosley Momento portable Bluetooth turntable promises music on the move
(Image credit: Crosley)

Crosley, renowned maker of cheap 'n cheerful turntables, has launched its latest deck. The Momento sports Crosley's typical portable suitcase design – just open it up and you can stick a record on.

It also packs a Bluetooth receiver so you can stream songs wirelessly from your phone to the deck's built-in speakers.

The Momento is capable of three speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm) and features an adapter for playing 45s. You can control the volume and pitch with two knobs, while the aluminium tone arm has a moving magnet cartridge and adjustable counterweight.

Crosley Momento

(Image credit: Crosley)

Naturally, if you're not out and about you can use the RCA output to connect the Momento to an external pair of speakers.

It comes in two finishes, 'desert' (wood) and 'midnight' (black) and sells for $119.95.

Crosley Ridgemont

Crosley Ridgemont (Image credit: Crosley)

Also unveiled today is the Ridgemont ($199), an all-in-one system turntable with a heavy '80s influence right down to the smoky lid. It's a boxy little number that boasts not only a three-speed turntable but also a CD player (remember those?), FM/AM radio and cassette deck.

Despite its throwback roots, it has some modern skills too: you can rip the playing vinyl album or cassette tape to a USB stick or SD card to digitise your analogue music collection.

Like the Momento, it too packs an RCA output for hooking up speakers and has Bluetooth for wireless music playback.

We've contacted Crosley for UK pricing and will update this story accordingly.


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